Monday, April 06, 2009

Brothers In Love

Not really quite sure how I've gone so long without seeing these pictures of Milo Ventimiglia and Adrian Pasdar, otherwise known in Heroes-ville as The Brothers Petrelli. They're from May of last year! God I'm lagging.

And here's a bonus one, just cuz.

Gosh they're affectionate fake siblings, ain't they?


Prospero said...

I've been in love with Adrian Pasdar ever since "Near Dark." That man is just gorgeous with a capital G.

Hugh Man said...

Fuel for my fantasy. Two biggest reasons I still watch Heroes. Can ol' bro Sylar join in? I need a battle that rips at buttons and fabrics!

John said...

I saw Milo in a gay short film called Must Be The Music from the Boys Life collection and is it just me or do those guys look like they're gonna kiss in the 3rd pic. I have never seen Heroes.

J.D. said...

Go, imaginary incest!