Friday, April 03, 2009

The Arms Have It


What is the world coming to that nearly an entire week can pass since pictures of Jake going jogging in a sleeveless shirt appeared online and I'm only now getting around to posting them? Seriously. This is some crazy shit. What hath Reese wrought??? (pics via)


ryan said...

new pix! yuppie!

des my boy jake. such a fan pleaser.

ryan said...

oh, and as for Reese, eh... life's a tradeoff. celeb couples mean more spotlight... which means more pix... which means more Jakey.

and as long as their really legit, im happy for our boy. i just kinda wish it were someone less you know... cutesy/prudeish.

i remember seeing a pic of Jake and Kate Winslet posing together and thinkin hot damn, if she wasn't already taken my her BEAUTY-helmer, she and Jake would make one KILLER Hollywood couple.

plus, she'd be the perfect candidate to help further lower Jake's inhabitions in the skin department. :)

Jason Adams said...

If Jake and Kate Winslet got together, the world would end. All of humanity's promise would have been fulfilled. That'd be it. Onto the next stage of consciousness for us all!

J.D. said...

Okay, so, I just back from the hospital, and I suddenly feel a lot better. THANK. YOU. JA.