Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Another Wet Dude


First came Broderick, then Statham, then Walker, and now Holloway. Feeling moist today, I guess!

Anyway, new episode of Lost tonight! And my sudden and wholly unexpected love for Sawyer continues unabated. Where the hell did this come from? Jinkies. Anyway, it's there, and it's poisoned all the affection I ever felt for Kate and for Jack because now I look at them staring longingly at their previous paramours and I wish they would die horrible deaths and leave Sawyer and Juliet the eff alone. SIGH. It's all gonna go so very very wrong. Dammit!

Oh well. Here are a couple pictures of Matthew Fox too, just cuz. I've got my dick eyes on you, Jack! You leave them alone, mister!


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Joe Reid said...

Get outta my head, because: exactly.