Tuesday, April 28, 2009

3 Things I Still Haven't Watched

For some reason I've been moving much slower than usual lately with regards to sating all my entertainment fixes. It's not the warming weather since I've barely gotten out to appreciate that... I suppose I've just been more scattered than usual... I know! Me more scattered than usual equals all of my molecules becoming disconnected and me being blown away in the breeze.

Anyway... here are three specific things that I crowed about wanting to watch forever and still haven't gotten around to doing because I am king of the spazzes.

1 - I didn't watch Heroes last night like I said I would because I got off to a late start and passed the eff out once Videodrome was over. So nobody spoil it for me! Judging by the lack of comments on my post last evening anticipating the episode I don't really think I have to worry about that though. But I'll be watching it tonight alongside new Fringe. (New Fringe yay!)

2 - I still haven't watched Caprica. I know. I know! Shame on me. I do want to watch it but I'm not feeling especially rushed. How long do we have until the series itself begins? But I also was waiting for the boyfriend to be around to watch it and his schedule's been wacky and when it wasn't wacky I wasn't in the mood... anyway, I'll get to it. Sometime.

3 - I still haven't seen Crank: High Voltage. ACK. The shame. I actually haven't even been to a movie theater in a cvouple of weeks though. I don't know. Scattered! I am scattered. Hopefully I can still find the damn movie playing somewhere and see it this week befroe Summer Movie Season officially swallows our brains with Wolverine on Friday.

Y'all got anything that you're feeling guilty about having put off watching for too long? I spend too much time and energy over such guilt. My last lingering vestiges of youth have been murdered by it. Murdered!!!


Ross said...

Not watching, but reading, yes. I haven't read a Stephen King book since The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon.

scroggins said...

I finally watched Francis Ford Coppola's Rumble Fish last night.

Prospero said...

I just watched it on DVR. I think you'll be disappointed by the "a regular character dies" tease. It was a total cheat.

Steven said...

I just got back from Crank: High Voltage. It's my second favourite movie of the year, so far. Get going, man, before it's too late!

Unknown said...

So, what'd you think of Heroes? My very spoilery thoughts are up on my blog.

Un-spoilery: meh.