Monday, March 09, 2009

Your Weekly Heroes Reminder


Tonight's the night, y'all! Honestly I do think that Heroes has been improving as this season has rolled along - I just watched the last episode yesterday and not once did I roll my eyes so hard they fell out of my skull, and if you knew how I usually react to most episodes of Heroes (answer: violently) then that fact would impress you.

Still AICN clarifies what Fuller's role might've been with regards to tonight's episode:

"Though his name is not on the teleplay of tonight’s episode, titled “Shades of Gray,” the installment marks Fuller’s first episode “in the room.”

The fact is, “Heroes,” like many scripted series, is written by committee. While one writer will typically get “written by” credit for a given episode, it’s routine for all the writers to contribute plot and dialogue, and for senior writers to polish the teleplay before it goes before cameras.

What level of influence Fuller (the only writer besides series creator Tim Kring with showrunning experience) could assert in his first days back – in the middle of a long-planned ongoing story arc – will likely be difficult to gauge, but reports indicate Fuller hit the ground running."


S said...

*makes yay sound*

Although I have to disagree with you on the eye rolling.

Who brings that much hair gel on a road trip?!?!?

Jason Adams said...

Ha! Good point.