Monday, March 02, 2009

You Know What Days Of Heaven Was Missing?


Dinosaurs. Big honking terrible lizards roaming around them wheat fields. They would've picked that movie right up. So thank goodness Terrence Malick has learned this lesson in time for his next movie. Via:

""We're just starting work on a project for Terrence Malick, animating dinosaurs, the film is The Tree of Life, starring Brad Pitt and Sean Penn. It'll be showing in IMAX -- so the dinosaurs will actually be life size -- and the shots of the creatures will be long and lingering." -- from an Empire magazine interview with VFX artist Mike Fink"

I think that a Terrence Malick type of dinosaur could explain what happened to the dinos though, because it would be the sort that gets so lost in contemplation while staring at a tree branch that it doesn't notice he's sunk into a tar pit.



Matt Kilgore said...

terrence malick + brad pitt + sean pinn + dinosaurs = huh?

but seriously, i'm standing behind him. bring on the velociraptors!

J.D. said...

This news is shaking the foundations of reality for me. Like...whatthefuck?