Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Which Is Hotter?

Eric Bana
as a Man amongst Gods
or a freak amongst men?




John said...

I've never been crazy about Eric Bana, but the pics of him in Troy do look hot. I haven't seen Hulk or Troy but if he and Brad Pitt look like that I'll rent Troy.

homeslaughter said...

Hulk. The troy shots are too tan

John said...

homeslaughter, but aren't both men wearing little in Troy...

Hugh Man said...

Hulk because of the nakedness. Not much but enough to spark the imagination. Should have been more for Ed Norton too. Hulk should = naked. Also any movie made would do better to have the hero naked after the transformation. I'm thinking of Werewolves of late.

J.D. said...

Can I just say both?

Because, seriously, it's both.