Monday, March 02, 2009

What's On Your Lips, Famous Peoples?

I probably could've posted a thousand picture response to Nat's challenge at The Film Experience today to post a candid picture of Hollywood alums that you wish you could eavesdrop on, but let's keep it to three.

Exhibit A) Alfred Hitchcock & Kim Novak

I can only imagine the quadruple entendres Hitch was brewing up with his blond leading lady sprawled in her altogether there, but something tells me Miss Novak could keep up with The Master tit (ahem) for tat.

Exhibit B) Liz Taylor & Montgomery Clift

I wouldn't care what they were saying really; just listening in on these two pretties at the height of their prettiness and at the height of their friendship being best friends and pretty and pretty best friends... well it'd be dreamy.

Exhibit C) Marlon Brando & James Dean

The sexual tension could be cut with a knife
(butter not included).


John T said...

You know Brando pounced after this photo. Ahh, to be young and famous in the 1950's.


Hitchcock seems so happy in that shot. But maybe it's easy to be happy with Kim Novak naked in the same room?

Anonymous said...

Un geste sexuellement suggestif de Marlon Brando, peut-être un signal qu'il a séduit et baisé James Dean.
-Beau Mec à Deauville