Thursday, March 12, 2009

Wetter Hotter Americaner Summerer: Part 2


Hey David "I am awesome" Wain - I fully expect a royalty check in the mail when you use this post's title for your sequel to Wet Hot American Summer. Cuz you can't not tell me that don't rock and shit.

What's that? A sequel, I say? Well apparently dude is considering such a thing... via my bud Jarett at PopWrap:

"PopWrap: You've had the pleasure of working with some major stars at the beginning of their career, has it been fun to see Amy Poehler and Elizabeth Banks become these big stars?

David: It's been really great. "Wet Hot" was Elizabeth and Bradley Cooper's first movie and it was real early for Amy and Paul, so it's been great to see them all do so well.

PW: At the end of "Wet Hot," the characters talk about a 10-year reunion. 2011 will be a decade since that movie came out. Have you talked about making a sequel?

David: Absolutely! One of the ideas that I've always been excited about is a prequel, because when we did the original movie the cast was 10 years too old for their parts. Now they would be 20 years too old and it would take place on the same day. Or maybe you're right and we should do the 10 years later thing. Obviously that movie is very special and I'm still friends with that whole cast, so I'd love to do something."

And now that Wain's films like Role Models are raking in the big bucks, I also expect Wetter Hotter Americaner Summerer: Part 2 to have a 100 million dollar budget and to end with an action sequence set on an elaborate recreation of Atlantis. Smokin!


Anonymous said...

I would literally donate my hard-earned cash to the production budget of Wetter Hotter Americaner Summerer, if that would make really, really happen for reals.

Jwise said...

OMG, I love that title! Thou art genius