Friday, March 13, 2009

Two To Go


I know I should be lamenting the imminent loss of one of the most thought-provoking television programs of our time by highlighting some of them thoughts it's done gone and provoked, but really right this second what I'm mourning is the loss of Jamie Bamber's hot ass.

And they've been dirty stinking rat bastards this season, keeping him all cooped up in that terrible suit. Ugh. And now he's off to Law & Order UK or whatever it's called and judging by the promo pics it's just going to be more terrible suits.

What a damn waste! All that fabric could go to feed starving orphans, you know, Jamie? Do your duty! Feed the poor!


John said...

Jamie Bamber does look hot in the top pic but I expected more from BSG, but I've only seen S1...Is he hotter in latter seasons?

Herbaliscous said...

More suits indeed in the dreary, predictable, trite nosense that is Law & Order UK. His accent is hilarious and you should try to find a clip Ja. It's all "cor blimey, I'm a Cockney geezer, innit Guv". You'll probably have kittens when you hear it.

Incidentally did you know his sister is in Damages? They are clearly a talented acting and accent impersonating family...

John, he is way hotter in Season 2. There is a (now infamous) shower scene which is quite revealing for US telly. Just google Jamie Bamber Shower to find it.

Jason Adams said...

He is actually British, isn't he? I mean he might be exaggerating his accent - is that what you mean? I've never heard him actually speak with his real accent, nor have I heard what he sounds like on L&O, so I don't know either way. And I've nevcer seen an episode of Damages. Glenn Close's skull grin scares me.