Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Two Bits O' Book news

I'm in between books right now - ever since finishing Let the Right One In last week I've not figured out what to pick up next - but here's a pair of things that caught my eye today regarding the wonderful world of the written word.

1) Over at BD they have a story on the slowly progressing film adaptation of Suzanne Collins' The Hunger Games (previously posted on by me here); most importantly it brought this factoid to light:

"Collins' second installment, "Catching Fire," is due on bookshelves Sept. 1."

I hadn't heard news on the second book in the planned trilogy so this makes me smile. Bring it on, lady!

2) There's a new Chuck Palahniuk book coming out! It's called Pygmy and it's out on May 5th. Always cause to rupture a blood vessel, Palahniuk is.

Here's what it's about from Chucky's lips himself:

""Pygmy," a dark comedy about terrorism and racism. The lead character is a 13-year-old foreign exchange student sent to live with a suburban, white, middle-class family. Oh, and they're Christians. The visit is for six months, and he's one of a dozen similar kids, all shipped to America to live with typical families.

The secret truth is that Pygmy is a terrorist, trained since infancy in martial arts, chemistry and radical hatred of the United States. He has six months to build a prize-winning project for the National Science Fair. If he succeeds, he and his project will go to Washington, D.C. for the finals competition -- where the project will explode, killing millions. "

So... anybody read anything good lately? I have mountains of books on my dresser waiting to be read but nothing is exciting me.


Anonymous said...


Tropic of Cancer by Henry Miller
Giovanni's Room by James Baldwin
House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski
The Sluts by Dennis Cooper
A Density of Souls by Chris Rice

All are awesome, in their own way!

Anonymous said...

American Gods by Neil Gaiman