Monday, March 30, 2009

Tonight's Fanboy Delusion

Tonight I'd rather be...

... chatting up Ben Chaplin, for hours
and hours... and hours...

Abby: I have to tell you something.
Brian: What?
Abby: The other night on the phone... I'm pregnant.
Brian: Oh darling... are you sure it was me?
Abby: I don't know. I made a lot of phone calls that night.

Whatever happened to Ben Chaplin anyway? Or Janeane Garofalo for that matter? I think we need a sequel to The Truth About Cats & Dogs. Get these two charmers (and Uma, who hasn't had much luck outside of Tarantino-ville either) back in a place where they sparkle. Get me Hollywood on the phone! I've got another genius idea!!!

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Anonymous said...

Mr. Chaplin will be seen in the film "Dorian Gray" as Basil Hallward ( It'll be released later this year. And he is just as beautiful up close, in person.