Thursday, March 19, 2009

Tonight's Fanboy Delusion

Tonight I hope to...

... find this sitting on the subway
next to me on my way home.

... Please?


J.D. said...

Did you know I love you, JA?

John T said...

The real question is-what would you do if you found this on the subway?

Jason Adams said...

John, I would pull the emergency brake and let the pieces (i.e. his ass) fall where they may (i.e. on my face).

John said...

I have to rent something with him shirtless, maybe Step Up or Stop Loss. I wanna know who or what is responsible for the expression on his face.

Glenn Dunks said...

When a friend and I saw She's the Man we both went "phwoar!" when he came on screen all shirtless. By the end of the movie we were both "ugh, he's ugly".

I still think that.