Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tonight? Really?


Wow, my head's been up my ass with regards to everything this one, hasn't it? I had no idea that ABC's reboot of Cupid, led by Veronica Mars' Rob Thomas who created the original version too, was starting tonight. Shame on me!

But seriously, did anyone else know this? Have they, like, aired commercials or anything? not that I watch commercials anymore (thank you Tivo!). But still. Not a clue.

And according to AICN's round-up of reviews, it might be a bit of a disappointment right outta the gate. I love this quote from this review:

"[Cannavale] looks about as cupidly as Saddam Hussein."

Even though I like Bobby Cannavale, that's hysterical. Well I'll be watching anyway. The man made Veronica Mars. For the love of Veronica Mars, how could I not?

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pvt. awesome said...

Wow, thanks for the heads up! I had no idea it was on tonight.