Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Some Things Ain't Broke, Don't Need Fixing

While I'm not gonna argue with the fact that FOX is probably well advised in thinking about rebooting their Fantastic Four movies (as AICN is suggesting), I must go to bat for the one indisputable truth that FOX needs to keep in mind:

There is no need to recast Johnny Storm.

Chris Evans fills out the uniform juuuuuust right, and even recently admitted how much he loved slipping into the spandex... you'd be wise to keep him around, FOX. In fact, just make a Johnny Storm movie! Make it a ten hour epic! I would sit through every single frame a dozen times over.

Alba on the other hand, launch her into obscurity, I beg of you.

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Hugh Man said...

Thanks, I was going to post this and think I will today (www.bettercomicsinc.com). I really don't mind Ioan and Chiklis (maybe in motion capture instead?) either. In fact I will be absolutely honest and say I like the light-heartedness in these movies. If they do something- get rid of Alba and increase the SciFi ala Lost in Space- that movie basically was FF. Negatize the zone!