Monday, March 16, 2009

Quote of the Day

Harry Knowles' colorful hyperbole can be a bit... tiresome... sometimes, but when you're primed to be a geeked-out spazz yourself about the movie he's currently fawning over, it can push you right over the edge sometimes too. His SXSW review of Sam Raimi's Triumphant Return To Horror, called Drag Me To Hell, has gone and done just that to me this morning. Choice quote:

"There's shit in this movie that would make Satan take notes!"

There's another review at AICN that's just as crazed, and they both say the audience at SXSW went absolutely apeshit over the movie. For me, after seeing the trailer on the big screen this past weekend before Last House on the Left and enjoying it just as much (as well as hearing the horror-prepped audience lap it up around me) as I did that first time, this movie needs to be seared into my eyeballs like yesterday. Ack!

74 days to go!!!

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Mike z said...

I think enthusiastic reviews (especially ones that seem overwhelmingly enthusiastic) make me even more wary than negative or mediocre reviews.

Still looking forward to it.