Thursday, March 05, 2009

Quantum Of Ebert

Roger Ebert gives Watchmen four stars, but his review is less a review than a contemplation of the film. Which, given the source material, is appropriate. But I did like his take on Dr. Manhattan:

"Dr. Manhattan is contained in a towering, muscular, naked blue body; he was affected by one of those obligatory secret experiments gone wild. Never mind the details; what matters is that he possibly exists at a quantum level, at which particles seem exempt from the usual limitations of space and time. If it seems unlikely that quantum materials could assemble into a tangible physical body, not to worry. Everything is made of quantum particles, after all. There’s a lot we don’t know about them, including how they constitute Dr. Manhattan, so the movie is vague about his precise reality. I was going to say Silk Spectre II has no complaints, but actually she does."

If there's one thing Laurie Juspeczyk has, it's complaints. A never-ending barrage of them actually.

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Matt Kilgore said...

this year i've decided to start watching movies before getting the critics reviews, but accidentally stumbling upon the ebert score for the watchmen is fine... he has too much power over my opinion of a movie, but i guess every now and then it's okay... i'll be ready to enjoy the watchmen now.