Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I Am Watchmen Links

--- Hot Mama - It's a celebration of Carla Gugino's scorching hotness over at The Film Experience today! Like I said in the comments there, I appreciate it happening there so I didn't have to do it here. I was close. She's a fox.

--- Quote of the Day - Here's Jim Emerson comparing The Dark Knight to Watchmen:

"One is a mechanical, plot-driven action movie, edited in a woodchipper; the other is a dystopian science-fiction satire that doesn't so much spin an intricately tangled web of interwoven stories as create an environment in which its various elements are set bouncing off one another in perpetuity. ("Nothing ends...")"
That oughta rile some righteous fanboy ire, no? Well I concur. I recommend reading Emerson's entire piece though, it's good.

--- Putting The Is In Visionary - Adrian de la Touche at The House Next Door goes and calls Zach Snyder "visionary" and says that Malin Akerman gives "the best performance of her career despite a hairstyle that makes her face look like a donut"... how could you not want to go read the review after that? (the last two links come via my friend-with-nonsexual-benefits Sean, who's been rounding up the Watchmen links like a real trooper lately)

--- Look Closely - io9 goes through the film's stunning opening credits sequence and finds all kinds of delightful easter eggs for us geeky fans to enjoy.

--- And finally, that didn't take too long - Egotastic has videos and stills of the sexy scenes in the film, including lots (again, grainy) of Malin boob & Patrick butt. Hip hip hoorah!



J.D. said...

Oh, goddamn it.

Mike z said...

I kind of thought Watchmen > The Dark Knight. Kind of. At least Watchmen's ridiculousness has excuses.