Thursday, March 26, 2009

I Am Link

--- Opie Meets Cthulhu - I know I get all huffy whenever Ron Howard comes up - he's a hack and he irks me something fierce though - but seriously? He's the director getting an HP Lovecraft film outta the gate before Guillermo del Toro can direct his At The Mountains of Madness, which del Toro's been wanting to make for years now? Really, world? This is how you're gonna go with this? UGH.

--- No Laughs Nic - The thought of Nicole Kidman being in a Woody Allen movie fills me with existential dread. I like Kidman just fine when she's a beaten down shell or an icy witch, but comedy? NO!!! Still, maybe she'll get some tips from her BFF and co-star Naomi Watts, who's a wonderful comedienne and can maybe show Nic how it's done.

--- Too Much Quirk? - Stale Popcorn is feeling a little overloaded by the indie-whimsy in the press materials (trailer, poster) for Sam Mendes' Away We Go. I get it, but for some reason am not bothered by it. In fact, I think I'm already starting a backlash to the anti-whimsy backlash, which I've seen thrown at the Where the Wild Things Are trailer too. I like this shit, and I want more of it. In a perfect world, my walk to work and eating a bagel for breakfast would be set to Arcade Fire or Sufjan Stevens and I'd be drowning in sun flares and overly-diagrammed "naturalistic" camera-work. I love twee nonsense!

--- Speaking Of Twee Nonsense, I tried watching some of Demetri Martin's Comedy Central show last night and I think that's definitely something best taken in small doses. He's adorable, for sure, and I smiled, but... yeah, that could be a little much. So I'm already doubting the stance I took in the previous paragraph.

But why am I bringing up Demetri Martin? The trailer for Ang Lee's Taking Woodstock, in which he stars, has appeared. Check it.

--- Hey, It's That Terminator Chick
- Stacie Ponder chats it up with her gal-pal Lena Headey at both her blog Final Girl and her askance work-place AMC, so check both of those out. They talk of her horror movie out on DVD on next Tuesday, The Broken, which I reviewed here, and other assorted tomfooleries of much vicarious-enjoyment.

--- And finally, a slight update on that subtitle fiasco for Let the Right One In - Magnet, the film's production company, will rerelease the DVD with the subtitles that were attached to the print shown in theaters, which were vastly superior. They have no plans to allow those of us - cough me cough - who bought the DVD the day it came out because they're this crazy thing called a dedicated fan to exchange the DVD though. And also, it'll probably be a pain in the ass figuring out which copies have which subtitles. Wow, thanks guys!


SamuraiFrog said...

The Ron Howard thing is tempered by the fact that his movie is based on a shitty Image comic that's probably going to come off a lot more like Van Helsing than any of Lovecraft's actual works.

Joe Reid said...

That's it, I'm not seeing Let the Right One In.

Sibia Marie said...

Maya Rudolph puts a smile on my face. I'm so there.