Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I Am Link

--- Subtitle Shenanigans - Icons of Fright did a side-by-side comparison of the subtitles for two versions of the DVD of Let the Right One In - one was a screener sent out last year, and the other was the recently released official DVD - and found that the subtitles on the officially released DVD ave been seriously dumbed down from the original version. Differences in translation can make or break a film and IoF makes a good case for how these new ones drastically alter a viewer's perception of what's going on. Sucks.

--- No Mandy - The delectable Amanda Seyfried has had to bow out of Zach Snyder's next flick Sucker Punch (described as "Alice In Wonderland with machine guns," she was set to play the lead) because those bastards at Big Love wouldn't work around the schedule. Sad.

But hey, what's Kristen Bell doing?

--- Knowing-Nothings - Hey, did everybody realize that the writing duo behind the movie Knowing (#1 at the box office!) are the same ones set to remake The Birds and Poltergeist? No? me neither. My brain weeps. But at least they make the point that the notion of a bird attack can be plopped onto any story, so they won't have to actually remake Hitch's film, per se; they can come up with their own story onto which they can heap retardation.

And am I the only person in the world that remember's the 1994 TV movie The Birds 2: Lands End? Directed by that ol' work-horse Alan Smithee, too!

--- Onto Caprica - You can check out seven count 'em seven clips from the BSG spin-off series Caprica over here. If you want to. I did not want to. But you may. I say it's okay. If you're into that sort of thing.

--- And finally, build your own Bates house! A free paper model here! Awesomeness!



Joe Reid said...

So should I even bother with the Let the Right One In DVD now? Will I be stupider for having seen it?

Also, Amanda Seyfried gets better material on Big Love (I'm guessing), so I'm cool with her skipping the Snyder flick.

Anonymous said...

Man, EPIC FAIL on Let the Right One In. I just got the dvd for my birthday and now I'm terrified to watch it and ruin it's happy glow in my brain. I think its getting returned - the memory is too good to trash.

Thanks for the heads up.

Jason Adams said...

Well I watched the DVD (a few months after seeing it in the theater) and didn't even notice, so perhaps it won't ruin the experience. I guess just maybe now that you know the translation isn't the best keep that in mind while watching it? I don't know the answer.

Sean said...

Oh my - The Birds II. Yes, that was certainly a "classic" in its own right. Including the obligatory Tippi cameo. Ugh, what a mess that movie was. The commercial for it almost made the movie look like it was going to be decent. I believe that this was direct for Showtime?

Anonymous said...

Oh man, lots of bad news today. Amanda Seyfried would have been awesome to see as Alice with a Uzi.

Anonymous said...

As a follow-up, after seeing your link on the Let the Right One In subtitle shenanigans I wrote an email to Magnet about how that was crap and I'd be returning my dvd.

And so did a lot of other people, as it turns out. In a victory for legitimizing bloggers and their speed, the audience has spoken and Magnet has heard. They'll soon be releasing a new dvd that has the theatrical subtitles.



Laura said...

I've seen both versions and don't agree that the lyrics have been dumbed down. Simplified yes. But they work perfectly. Many people got upset at the translation of this movie for the US DVD release. Not sure why. I still think it's a great experience watching this film on DVD!