Monday, March 23, 2009

I Am Link

--- All That Icky Gay Stuff - Is the Ewan McGregor-Jim Carrey prison sex movie gay rom-com I Love You, Phillip Morris getting dumped straight to DVD because nobody wants to release a quirky gay movie to movie theaters? Sigh. This world exhausts me.

--- Y'all remember that poster for Park Chan-wook's vampire-priest movie Thirst that I posted the other day? Apparently it's been banned in Korea because of the mixing of religion with sexy-times.

--- The Movie Makers That Matter - As a counter-agent to EW's horrible list of best directors from a couple of weeks back, this list of Aaron's favorite working directors is mighty fine.

--- Back To BSG - Ron Moore answered a bunch of questions about the finale over at TV Guide.

--- Cue Another Cabin-ite - Another actor has been cast in the Whedon-Goddard horror-flick-to-end-all-horror-flicks Cabin in the Woods - his name is Brian White and that's him to the left there. I was racking my brain trying to figure out what I knew him from when a fresh slap of shame hit me across the face - I remember him from The Family Stone. He was the Benetton-ad approved black gay man dating the deaf gay son, completeing the idea of How Liberal This Family Is. Man, that movie.

--- And finally, television-genius Bryan Fuller - tonight's episode of Heroes is the first written-by-him since he returned to the show, and it's being called the best episode of the show since... well since the last one he wrote forever ago - is interested in bringing Star Trek back to the small screen. There's nothing official about this. He's just putting the word out there. And if anyone with even just a quarter of a brain is listening, they'll do whatever he wants to do.

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