Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I Am Link

--- Leave "The Right One" In - Thankfully BD is reporting that the remake of Let the Right One In is still gonna be called Let the Right One In and NOT Let Me In as had been reported the other day. Good.

Also, Tomas Alfredson's original is out on DVD today, y'all, so you have no excuses any longer. See this movie now! I did indeed rewatch the film last night and it was even better a second time. It's a great, great film.

--- Bring On The Nobodies No-Names - Four more people have been cast in Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard's Cabin in the Woods movie - besides the aforementioned Chris Hemsworth, now we've got Kristen Connolly, Fran Kranz, Anna Hutchison and Jesse Williams in the cast. Yeah... no clue.

--- Speaking Of Joss, Ira Glass of This American Life fame is doing a live concert show on April 23rd that'll be shown on a bunch of movie screen simultaneously, and his musical guest is... Joss? Really. Weird.

--- Pretty Cast, Pretty Cast - I don't know that I have much interest in this movie beyond how attractive the cast is shaking out to be, but Malin Akerman starring beside Ryan Phillippe and Taylor Kitsch... that's a lot of beautiful blond.

--- And finally, y'all should read what Electronic Cerebrectomy has to say on Watchmen.


SamuraiFrog said...

Aw, thanks for the link love.

mac20 said...

Fran Kranz = computer genius Topher from Dollhouse. A clue.

Jason Adams said...

A clue indeed. How I missed that, I don't know.

Also, that's gonna piss my boyfriend off - he loathes him.

Mike z said...

The CG cats....

Anonymous said...

re. Cabin In The Woods - Anna Hutchinson is a fairly well known actress in new Zealand if that counts for anything ;)