Monday, March 23, 2009

Hunger in 150 Words or Less


Is it the fact that I've seen so much horror film imagery in my life that mostly inured me to the horrors of Bobby Sands' plight? I found the film well done visually - I was reminded of Diving Bell and the Butterfly a couple of times, which is a high compliment indeed - but I never felt terribly affected by the film. I watched it in a semi-detached state, admiring its visuals but not really ever being drug into the hell they're visualizing. I found myself studying the fine make-up work done (sore sores everywhere sores!) but never much felt the pain of them.

Still Michael Fassbender gives a fine, challenging performance - the stand-out of the film was the long sequence in the center where he and his priest sit face to face and discuss the morality of his actions; it gave a film otherwise lacking character something to involve us in.

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Glenn Dunks said...

Eventually as more and more people see this movie I find allies in my dislike of it. It was just... there, wasn't it? As I wrote a while back it's a really great short film - the only scene where the director seems to want to be about something - surrounded by miserablism and pretty ugly images.