Friday, March 13, 2009

A Half Dozen Of The Other


This is how Robert Pattinson's "doggie-style" co-participant Javier Beltran felt about the experience of shooting the same-sex sex scenes that had RobPat so freaked out in their film Little Ashes (via):

"Said Beltran: "We didn't have any problems with the sexuality. On the set it was less important than the emotions. The sex scenes are beautiful—tragic and painful."


Mike z said...

I'll have my barf bag ready. I get closer to tossing my cookies every time I see RP trying to look like Dali.

Anonymous said...

Could that moustache look more fake/ridiculous?

Jason Adams said...

Well in RobPat's defense on the mustache issue, Dali's mustache was fake/ridiculous looking in real life. So I don't think that's so much his fault.