Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Drag Me To Hell Trailer Will Kick Your Ass


Yes yes yes yes yes yes! Before you look at any of the frames I swiped from the trailer for Sam Raimi's Triumphant Return To Horror, Drag Me To Hell, down below, I want you to go over to Yahoo! where the trailer is hosted and watched the damned thing right now. Do it!

I am not kidding you that just now, when my boyfriend and I sat here and watched it for the first time, my boyfriend literally jumped out of his seat in fright, which then made me jump out of my seat in fright... it was a domino-effect of comical fright-jumping, it was.

So okay, you watched the trailer by now, right?
Here's a slew o' screen-grabs.



I didn't even take every image that I could've because it didn't feel right, ruining some of the moments by making them not move anymore. Anyway, kick ass, right? And visually it looks beautiful. If I'd watched that trailer before doing the "We Can't Wait" countdown over at TFE this year this movie would've been even higher than #8 where I had it on my own list (it made #17 for the group).


Anonymous said...

I think I would have jumped if you hadn't warned us. And anything with Justin Long in it has to be worth the price of admission.

Glenn Dunks said...

See, I was loving it until Justin Long. Blah. Everything else was great though. Looks gooood.

Jason Adams said...

I guess I understand sort of why so many people dislike Justin Long, but he doesn't affect me either way. I find him mostly harmless.

Joe Reid said...

Wait, what was the moment you jumped at?

(Also, I'm thinking of putting a gypsy curse on all the Justin Long haters out there.)

Jason Adams said...

Joe - D jumped at the part where the gypsy-witch is in the bed next to her (yes, he's easy, I saw it coming a mile away, but do think the cliche was presented well here), but he jumped so... enthusiastically... that he scared the hell out of me.

But anyway, his proclivity to jumping at cliched "BOO!" moments is something I find tremendously endearing, and it always makes every horror-movie-going experience interesting.

Anonymous said...

Wish they didn't pull the Comic Con car-battle scene.
I want more stapler!

Pax Romano said...

That looks like fun! And the very adorkable Justin Long is in it...can't wait.

dashdog said...

I want to see this right RIGHT NOW. As for Justin Long, he is harmless and perfectly adorable. Thanks for letting me know the trailer was up.