Friday, March 06, 2009

Do Dump or Marry - Who Watches Does Dumps and Marries The Watchmen?


Y'all just knew I'd be going here, right? Well, I could've made this much easier by including Dr. Manhattan (who you might remember is willing to multiply himself for maximum freakiness) or Dan Dreiberg aka Nite Owl (putting him in Patrick Wilson's pants made him an easy pick), but Watchmen's all about the morally ambiguous choices, right? Well these three are where the moral ambiguity mostly lay. And so we're clear, we're talking the characters here, not the actors playing them. Because of that, a brief introduction to each:

Edward Morgan Blake aka The Comedian - Always the life of the party! Especially if the party has Torture & Rape as its theme!

Adrien Veidt aka Ozymandias - Alexander the Great fetish. Crazy rich, crazy intelligent... emphasis on crazy? Probably queer. Has a nifty sidekick - a genetically-engineered lynx named Bubastis! Nope... nothing weird about that at all.

Walter Kovacs aka Rorschach - A bit of a chip of his shoulder, you might say. Not big on chatting... or entering places legally... or the daylight. But passion he's got in spades, and a wicked sense of humor (if venomous bitterness is your cuppa).

So let her rip in the comments!
Do Dump & Marry these costumed freaks.


mB said...

Dump The Comedian - that's an obvious choice.
Do Ozymandias - cause he's hot.

But then... do I really wanna be married to Rorschach?

Let's try again: Do Comedian (get 'im back for all his het-oppression), Dump Rorschach (cause he's crazy) and Marry Ozymandias (so I can be a kept boy)

Calum Reed said...

I'd definitely shag the first one. Beyond that I haven't a clue.

Joe Reid said...

Yeah, do Comedian, dump Rorschach, and marry Ozy. To the bitter end.

John T said...

Agree with mB, and for basically the same reasons.

Jason Adams said...

I would never ever never never have anything to do with The Comedian. I don't care that Jeffrey Dean Morgan is a hot stack of man. DUMP.

And I actually think that Rorschach, once unmasked, is kind of cute. DO.

And I'd marry Veidt in a split second. Lock me away in your Arctic fortress forever, Adrien baby.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Great Do, Dump, Marry.

I would do Rorschach. I want to see wants he's hiding under his mask.

I would dump Ozymandias. I cannot pronounce his name. Something is so off with him.

I would marry the Comedian. He could protect me by day and violently rape me at night.

Hugh Man said...

I can't help but love the Comedian because he is honest and is hot, so I'd do him, and sadly dump Rorshach because I can't feel bad for the dude for the rest of my life even though I came close to doing him- plus he is really stinky. still tho close between him and the Comedian's vices. I'd marry me some Ramses II because of the pic you posted of him in his normal hair do -Yowza! This trumps his mass-murdering aspect plus I want Bubastis.

Anonymous said...

Ah, this is a tough one. I would have to Do The Comedian (just sex and nothing more is his thing), Dump Rorschach (cuz I really don't see him having sex with ANYONE, except maybe himself), Marry Ozymandias (rich, probably wouldn't care mush if you stepped out on him).

Anonymous said...

so are we pretending that Dr. Manhattan doesn't exist or is he out of the running because he is too obvious?

DuchessKitty said...

My answers surprised me:

Do Ozymandias - because I can't expect more than a one night stand from someone whose name I can't ever spell or say correctly. And he seems too aloof to marry.

Dump Rorschach - he is a bummer

Marry The Comedian - I think I can reform him

Anonymous said...

Do the Comedian. Dump Rorschach. Marry Ozymandias.

Anonymous said...

Do the Comedian, Dump Rorschach and Marry Adrian! Sooo HOT

Unknown said...

DUMP ROCHACK can't stand stinky people.

Do the Comedian! Ocasional violent sex is hot.

Marry Ozymandias! HELL YEAH!! The man is wicked hot, has the coolest pet and would be a trip and a half to converse with.