Friday, March 20, 2009

Did You Ever Know That You're My Hero?


Thirteen frames of Zhang Yimou-stuffed goodness...
where is he anyway? I need him! Now! Pretty!


Dr. Stan Glick said...

Last I heard he was working on yet another large scale production, this one extolling the wonderful leadership of the Chinese Communist Party and celebrating the 50th anniversary of its defeat of the Nationalists.

Q. How do you say Leni Riefenstahl in Chinese?

A. Zhang Yimou

J.D. said...

Christopher Doyle is God.

Ross said...

Didn't he used to get in trouble with the Communists all the time? Oh, well, his movies are still beautiful.

Jason Adams said...

He did, Ross, but they've (his films, I mean) gotten progressively more lock-step with party agenda over the years. Indeed Hero made my brains ache from the relentless propagandizing of it. But yes, it is a very very beautiful sort of propaganda a la Riefenstahl and even though I have no desire whatsoever to wipe any race off the planet I can still watch and marvel at her movies, so I'm not gonna stop with his either.