Thursday, March 05, 2009

Bill Clinton Has To Return Some Videotapes

So I'm innocently reading this article about all the doodles former President Bill Clinton doodled while in the White House (and by "doodles" I don't mean any kind of euphemism there, I just mean... well, doodles), and how they've apparently disappeared (and yes, for the record, I am really bored right now), and then there's this quote:

"... as the former president himself suggests, a massive archive of Clintonian doodles exists somewhere. In the absence of any other information, a reasonable person might easily conclude that President Clinton's doodles are so horrifying, so shocking, or so repulsive that it would ruin his legacy forever were they ever to be made public."

I mean... I'm not alone in immediately flashing onto Patrick Bateman's drawings there, right?

Run, Hillary, run!!!

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