Thursday, March 19, 2009

Behold Your Highness!

Well this sounds possibly very cool. According to a drunken conversation that Harry Knowles had with Danny McBride at SXSW earlier this week, David Gordon Green's next film is called Your Highness, and is a comedy-fantasy spinning off from the big 80s sort of fantasy films. Here are the choice bits from Knowles' ramble:

"While drinking my fifth Jack & Coke, I began talking with Danny McBride ... I asked what he was up to next. His eyes went Tex Avery on me. He can't believe that his next project is actually going forward, but it has been green lit.

... it's a film inspired and drawing upon those amazingly fucked up awesome 80s fantasy flicks like KRULL, DEATHSTALKER 2, SWORD & THE SORCEROR... you know the titles. The films with crazy fucking effects, barrels of blood and tits and ass. And lunatic stories. Well it turns out that DAVID GORDON GREEN has put this project together at UNIVERSAL ...

In addition to Danny McBride (who will have an allegedly legendary encounter with an amorous Minotaur), David has brought on James Franco to co-star. THIS is a project to be excited about. We haven't seen fantasy comedy period style since MONTY PYTHON & THE HOLY GRAIL, TIME BANDITS and to have one inspired by the already hilarious genre of 80's fantasy... the comedy gold is extremely rich."

I don't know what this means for Green's long rumored Suspiria remake (which still blows my mind in neither a good nor a bad way but a mind-blowing way all the same every time I think about it), but this sounds great. Green hasn't made anything less than a good movie so far (Pineapple Express was a little sloppier than I'd hoped it would be but held up terrifically to a second viewing and I think I'll like it even more with age), and this just sounds fun. And most importantly, he'll be reteaming with Pineapple MVP Franco. Yay!

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