Thursday, March 19, 2009

And Where It Stops Nobody Knows

Or do we? Now? Via BD:

"Richard Kelly's 'The Box' Gets Halloween Release

Some good news comes in from Warner Bros. this evening as they've officially moved UP the release of Richard Kelly's The Box from its November date to a solid October 30th, 2009 Halloween release. Why they'd take on Saw VI in its second week of release is beyond me, but it's still nice to have something creepy arriving in theaters on our holiday. The Box is based upon the short story "Button, Button" by Richard Matheson, which was also an incredibly creepy episode of "The Twilight Zone"."

Okay, that bit questioning why they'd ever face off with the Saw juggernaut? That makes me CRAZY. Shut the fuck up, man! Please, I've been begging year after damned year now for somebody anybody to challenge Saw's reign of bullshit at Halloween, and now a movie I've been looking crazy forward to is doing that, and you're gonna be all "What are they thinking?"? UGH. Let it be, man! Jesus. Saw has got to be toppled at some fucking point; I don't even know anyone who goes to see those shit-houses anymore. And I'm a horror fan!

Anyway, I was all set to bitch about the changing of the date once again until that sentence set me off. And anyway, for all the bitching I do about revolving door release dates, it's only some spazzy geek like me - and you, my beloved readers ;-) - who spends all day on the internet noticing such things anyway. The general movie-going populace has no idea what The Box even is yet, and are not aware it's been bouncing around the calendar forever. So as long as they find where this is going and get a good promotional push behind it, without changing it at the last minute or anything... s'all good.


Calum Reed said...

I think this is a wise move. Really looking forward to this movie!

I wonder if the Saw films will ever stop. I made it to number 4 but I only really like the second one.

Dave said...

I don't think I've actually taken in any of what this post says, I was too busy staring at that picture...

Well, obviously not forever. Earlier US release= earlier UK release, although hopefully they'll do the same Halloween tie-in? Please, distributors? Just this once?

Anonymous said...

Also in the when-the-heck-will-they-release-this-scary-movie is Trick R Treat.

Jason Adams said...

Ugh I know, unclemike! That one is KILLING me. For fuck's fucking sake!

Barry said...

I still see those shit-houses! lol =)