Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thursday's Ways Not To Die

Cat People (1982)

Sometimes the lack of sound effects here really dulls the impact of these scenes. So when you scan your eyes across the shots above, specifically the close-up where Ed Begley Jr.'s arm is ripped off, I want you to imagine the sound of somebody smacking their lips while open-mouth masticating on KFC. Got it? Good. Lovely, right?

Anyway, the real reason this sequence gets a spot of honor in this series for me is that last shot above of Nastassja Kinski's cute little ballet flats being hosed down by gristle and gore, because that is a beautiful, memorable shot. Love it.

Plus who hasn't at one point or another in their life wanted to see Ed Begley Jr. gored to death by a panther*? Admit it!

*For the purists out there, by "panther" I mean "Malcolm McDowell shape-shifted into a monstrous and magical black leopard with mysterious African-based sexual incest powers" of course... man this movie is weird. Paul Schrader made this movie! The guy who wrote Taxi Driver! Weird. I prefer the gorgeous 1942 original but I do have a soft spot for this weird-ass version. Any movie that features Ed Begley Jr. mauled by a panther* and gratuitous Annette O'Toole toplessness can't be all bad, right?

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