Tuesday, February 10, 2009

This Is As Good A Time As Any...

... to remember that I've been meaning to mention that I laughed my fool's ass off at the trailer for Crank 2 the other week (Bai Ling!) and I have every intention of seeing this movie in the theater. I do not feel ashamed. Jason Statham continues being a hot piece who's fully dedicated to exposing himself and having fun with his movies... even if they suck about 75% of the time, he's always seeming to have fun. BONUS - the poster is hot:

(via Glenn) I love you, Jason Statham. I've also been meaning to post this picture of him that I'd stumbled upon the other week so I'll just do that now too. Joy.

Click him to make him grow.
Crank 2: High Voltage is out on April 17th.


Prospero said...

Can a body be more perfect or man any hotter than this? Who cares if most of his movies suck? As long as he keeps undressing, I'll be there.

Batgirl said...

I'm also going to see Crank 2 in the theater and I'm not ashamed. Crank is pure entertainment, like most of JStat's movies.


what a man

i can barely form syllables... which is why (strangely) i keep avoiding his movies

i prefer to watch porn in the privacy of my own home