Wednesday, February 25, 2009




J.D. said...


Wait, you've only done 9 of these?

Victor S said...

She used the accent, nudity, deglam-old age make, crying and holocaust cards to get the first one.
What is left?? BIOPIC!!!!

Ryan said...

"you bet your fucking ass" it is!

Also, re: Prova Pericial Importante's comment-

Yea, I get you. But come on, it would have sucked, SUCKED!!! if she had won for a role where she wasn't fully nude at some point. I mean, isn't nudity like her trademark?- along with giving great performances of course.

i mean, considering the passionate, daring and all-around firey actress Kate is, it would have been plain wrong to finally hand her an Oscar for something like "Finding Neverland" or even "Revolutionary Road".

In any event, we know there are more noms in store for this Goddess.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to see her do that Mabel Stark biopic that she's previously mentioned for her next project.

Kate would be fantastic as a tiger tamer!

J.D. said...

Prova: Iris.