Friday, February 13, 2009

I Am Link

--- Crawl This Way - BD has a teaser trailer for The Descent 2! ETA Alright now I've watched the trailer and it's no teaser, it's a full-on trailer, and I am psyched. I like the comparison I read somewhere between this film and the first one to Alien and Aliens... the broadening out of scope to include law officials forcing our heroine back to the place where she does not need/want to be going... I'm probably nuts for having high hopes here, but I do. I would love for this flick to rock.

--- Nein Nein Nein - Can't believe I haven't actually linked to the Inglorious Basterds trailer yet... check it over at Lazy Eye Theater, where I hope we can all prove Piper's crazy anti-Eli-Roth assertions FOOLISH come the film's release. HATER!

---Nat Sees Sexy - The Film Experience gets down to the nitty and the gritty of naming the sexpots of 2008.

--- Disturbed Minds Think Alike - Around the same time I was working on my post on the stud-farm of the Friday the 13th series, the wonderful Billy Loves Stu did the same thing! It's a small world for us gay horror bloggers.

--- Struck With Pointy Objects - Meanwhile, on the Voorhees beat - tis the day - Cinematical lists the best deaths in the series.

--- Dissecting Jason - Stacie "Final Girl" Ponder got to chat up some key members of the Friday the 13th rebootening, and asked the sorts of questions I'd think up hours later on my drive home and curse myself for not thinking of at the time, as she always tends to do.

--- And finally, I dunno who this Luke Grimes chap is - guess he's on that Sally Field screams-a-lot show - but he takes good picture. More pics at that link.



PIPER said...

The use of Roth just tells me it's Tarantino being Tarantino which isn't necessarily a good thing. It's kind of a "I can do anything" type of behavior.

Do we all remember the acting chops of Roth in Death Proof?

PIPER said...

Oh, and thanks for the linkedy link link.

Prospero said...

The "Descent 2" trailer's been removed 8(

Pax Romano said...


Wow, dude were simpatico! Thanks for the link!