Saturday, February 21, 2009

Hey Frank!


Looky who it is! If you click on over here you can watch the trailer for S. Darko, the direct-to-DVD sequel to Donnie Darko (sans Richard Kelly and everyone else, save Lil' Miss Sparkle-Motion herself Daveigh Chase).

It's... dare I say... not terrible? I dunno. I'm... intrigued, I'm... repulsed... there are so many adjectives that can fill in this blank, y'all. It is nice to see Nomi still gots the slap in her though! Watch it and get back to me. The DVD is out April 28th.


Anonymous said...

Hey...I have a question not related to this post which I hope you can answer.

I noticed today that you're a Harry Potter fan. A few weeks ago I was watching Troll with my nephew and the main characters were named Harry Potter! Troll was from 1986, is this just a coincidence or is there a connection? Thanks

Jason Adams said...

Sean, I had read before about that, but couldn't remember what the deal was, so here's what Troll's Wiki says:

"This is a quote from an interview with producer Charles Band:

Interviewer: "It's bizarre, isn't it? You have a young boy named Harry Potter who discovers that he has magical powers and uses them to fight a troll."

Charles Band: "I've heard that JK Rowling has acknowledged that maybe she saw this low-budget movie and perhaps it inspired her. Who knows what the story is? Life's too short for a fight as far as I'm concerned but, having said that, there are certain scenes in that movie, not to mention the name of the main character, and this of course predates the Harry Potter books by many, many years. So there's that strange connection."[1]

On April 14, 2008 John Buechler's partner in the Troll remake, Peter Davy, said about Harry Potter, “In John's opinion, he created the first Harry Potter. J.K. Rowling says the idea just came to her. John doesn't think so. There are a lot of similarities between the theme of her books and the original Troll. John was shocked when she came out with Harry Potter."

I've never actually seen Troll. Any good?

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much! What a thorough answer!

The movie wasn't good but I guess it made enough money to spawn several sequels. What caught my attention was all the familiar faces in it. I wrote about it on my blog on 2/10.

Pax Romano said...

Oh my, I dunno about this movie ... What would Grandma Death Do?

Prospero said...

You're right - it doesn't look terrible, except for an appearance by Elizabeth Berkeley. Why does this woman have a career? Her bug-eyes alone should make directors afraid of her (or maybe that's why they cast her). She ruins every episode of "CSI: Miami" in which she appears (even more than David Caruso does, but I only watch it for Adam Rodriguez, anyway).

Audrey said...

I'm intrigued. Looks like it will try to make more sense than Donnie Darko. His sister turned into quite the hottie. Also, Elizabeth Berkley? Hmm. I mean, I'll see it regardless.

Jason Adams said...

I think Elizabeth Berkeley is filling the Swayze gap from the original film. I'm curious as to how she's used.