Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Which Is Hotter?

In honor of my having just inducted Ralph Fiennes into the Hump Day Hottie hall-of-fame over at The Film Experience, I ask you which Fiennes-performed bad guy was hotter:

Ralph Fiennes as as Lord Voldemort in Harry Potter
or Francis Dolarhyde in Red Dragon?

(ETA For the record, he was way hot in both these roles.)

Also, a special shout-out to how beautiful he looked
the first time I ever saw him, playing the monster Amon Goeth
in Schindler's List... (just this once couldn't go there though...)

Also a specialer shout-out to this picture, just because I say so:


J.D. said...

Um, the Duke of Devonshire, duh.

Zoe Brown said...

As Francis Dolarhyde...

Though I would agree about the Duke of Devonshire suggestion :)

Anonymous said...

I'd go with Dolarhyde but I'm flexible ;)

Also, have you heard about this?

I think I threw up in my mouth reading that. Hillary DUFF? Is nothing sacred?

Anonymous said...

Red Dragon! Real, naked, great ass, tan lines and tatts.

Anonymous said...

Red Dragon does have the shot of the "shadow", but I think I'll go for Voldemort

Unknown said...

Red Dragon was the movie where I realized he was an awesome actor, but I'll go this time for Lord Voldemort, just because I have too much love for Ralph's Voldemort.

Ralph was born for that role <3

liz said...

Amon Goeth is like, an OG Hottzi.

Anonymous said...

I think he looks so hot in Schindler's List! Personally, I think he looks better with some weight. As Dolarhyde he looks too skinny.