Monday, January 19, 2009

Quote of the Day (updated)

This is from a brief review by Jeffrey Wells after a Sundance screening of I Love You, Phillip Morris, the "Jim Carrey falls in love with Ewan McGregor in prison movie":

"It's nuts, this movie, and that's what I liked about it. Love is strange, silly, demeaning, glorious, heartbreaking. A drug and a tidal wave that can destroy as easily as restore. And I Love You Phillip Morris is not laughing at this. At all. It's a movie with balls and dicks and loads of heart and soul."

The fact that I still don't know what to think of this movie has definitely got me intrigued. Ewan's presence in the film has been enough to mostly convince since first hearing of it that it wasn't gonna be another Chuck & Larry type debacle, and I can like Jim Carrey if he's in Eternal Sunshine mode... and then there's the presence of Rodrigo Santoro (seen there at the right with Carrey) which is always welcoming...

Everything is just so confusing with regards to the road this movie will ultimately take. I suppose I'll just have to wait until later this year (presumably) when the damn thing comes out and see for myself, eh? Wells certainly makes the case for it.

ETA Defamer posted a sorta review as well, practically a rave, and had this to say:

"[Writer/director team Glenn Ficarra and John Requa]'s genre-bending script manages the seemingly impossible, ably juggling madcap Coensian crime farce, raunch comedy (with Leslie Mann playing Russell's dumbfounded ex-wife for good measure), and a matter-of-fact gay love story as poignant and frank as anything we found in Milk. No, the camera does not cut away from their passionate kisses or acts of fellative love; dare we say Morris contains some of the most sensitive images of bitch-on-inmate affection that have ever been captured on film."


PIPER said...

I have to say that's one hell of a paragraph from Wells. It makes me want to see it. And that's an almost perfect description of love.

Glenn Dunks said...

Reminds me of The Black Dahlia in that it seemed like SUCH A MESS and yet that's why I loved it (and is the reason why anybody likes it at all).