Tuesday, January 20, 2009

It Is David Lynch's 63rd Birthday

In his honor - what's the scariest thing
that David Lynch has ever shown you?

Mine is Bob crouched behind Laura Palmer's dresser.
Or the discovery of the corpse in Diane Selwyn's apartment.
Or Dorothy Vallens naked on the lawn...
or Laura Dern's face... or... I could keep going...


Mike z said...

Actually, you got the scariest stuff for me right there in that image:

Bob crouching, the man behind Winkie's, and Laura Dern's warped face (both times, though).

The man knows the good scare.

Dame James said...

I would add to those the moment in Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me where Laura Palmer, in that demonic voice, croaks out, "Fire walk with me!" That sound byte STILL haunts me for whatever reason.

Film Knower said...


Bea said...

BOB crawling over the couch to get to Maddy. Maddy's murder is truly horrible. As is Laura's murder in the Twin Peaks movie.

Those fucking old people menacing Naomi Watts in "Mulholland Dr."

And Lynch created one of the most terrifying images I've ever seen: Robert Blake in "Lost Highway." I can still barely watch the scene where he tells Bill Paxton that he's met him before and then hands him the phone. *shudder* And then when he's chasing Bill with that video camera! AAAH!

Happy birthday, David Lynch. You scare the shit out of me.

Glenn Dunks said...

Same as Mike. Those three are three of the scariest images ever.

Of course there's also Robert Blake in Lost Highway, Laura Palmer's face as she sees her killer in the train car and the old couple ambush in Mulholland Drive.

The scene where they return from Club Silencio and Rita turns around to see Betty has vanished also gives me the creeps.

Anonymous said...

Laura Dern's face in Inland Empire-- I started watching it again last week and I got scared as soon the opening credits rolled just thinking about that terrifying face coming like, 3 hours later!


James Hansen said...

If anyone is interested, we're doing a David Lynch week at Out 1 (out1.blogspot.com) in honor of his birthday week. We're a couple posts in already and will have more throughout the week.

And yeah, the first appearance of the hobo behind Winkies. Yikes!

Anonymous said...

The tiny people in Mulholland Drive! Ahhhhhhh!

Anonymous said...

The scariest David Lynch?
Must be my very first viewing of Eraserhead...

Happy birthday to yooouuuuu,
happy birthday to yooouuuuu,
happy birthday Mr David Lynch,
happy bithday toooo yoooouuuuuuuu!