Monday, January 12, 2009

The Golden Trousers Award for "I love you guys..."

"... and you were headed in the right direction, but you gotta give me a little more to work with next time and maybe you'll make the 'Greatest Gratuities' cut when you do" goes to:

Hugh Dancy in Savage Grace
and Thomas Krestchmann in Valkyrie

Hugh - Sure, an incesty three-way sounded great on paper, but you made two mistakes: A) No offense to Juli, but you should've went for papa Stephen Dillane instead (screw "facts" and "history" I say), and B) Eddie Redmayne just freaks me out. Find the right cast for your incesty three-way next time! But don't give up. Heavens no.

Thomas - I could watch you getting out of a swimming pool or getting your hair cut for two hours straight and consider it a fine piece of cinema, so next time work on getting the rest of the unnecesarry fluff starring people not named Thomas Kretschmann cut out of the film, okay?

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J.D. said...

Aw, Eddie Redmayne is sexily adorable. But then again, I may just like unconventional-looking mega-skinny ginger boys with freckles too much. So.