Thursday, January 15, 2009

Do Dump or Marry - Defiance Kin


Here's an idea - let's reduce the heroic true story of a band of brothers who united their people in the face of genocide to a game of who's hotter! Yay! Ahem. Really, seriously though. Who'd ya do, dump and marry from the cast of Defiance, opening this weekend? Brother Daniel...

Brother Liev...

Or brother Jamie?

Take it to the comments!


J.D. said...

Do, Daniel.

Dump, Liev.

Marry times infinity, Jamie.

*easy as hell*

Jason Adams said...

I'd switch Jamie and Daniel around, but yeah, I have a feeling this ain't looking too good for poor Liev.

Anonymous said...

Do Jamie Dump Liev Marry Daniel

Calum Reed said...

I'm into older guys so I'd probably dump Jamie, do Daniel and marry Liev. If we're talking about the characters though I'd rather marry Daniel. Liev was rough but very annoying at times.

FranklinBluth said...

Do: Jamie

Marry: Daniel

Dump: Liev

Did anyone catch Daniel on the Daily show a couple of days ago? He was the CUTEST THING EVAAAAAA!!!

John T said...

Do Daniel (and he has to bring the blue Speedo)

Dump Liev (for me, he's either Meryl's warped son or Naomi Watts's jackass lover)

Marry Jamie (sigh)

Anonymous said...

Word to that, the Daniel Craig Daily Show appearance is a must see. It's clear he's got a total man-crush on Jon Stewart, and it's ADORABLE.

In answer to your question though, Do Jamie, Dump Liev and Marry Daniel... but Jamie and Daniel are pretty interchangeable. Sorry Liev.

Dancer in DC said...

Oy, you people are crazy.

Do - Daniel (not totally my type, but I wouldn't mind a fling)

Dump - Jamie (still looks like a kid to me)

Marry - Liev (my love 4evah!)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I LOVE d.d.o.m-ies:

Dump, Jamie. (The kid has a BAFTA so won't feel to bad)

Do, Liev. (Soooo underrated!)

Marry, Daniel. (such a beauty)

Glenn said...

Do - Daniel

Dump - Liev

Marry - JAMIE!!

Although I actually don't like the big picture you used for him at all. SABOTAGE!

Unknown said...

Jamie--too young for me. Dump.
Liev--reputation for being difficult to work with, but so so hot. Do.
Daniel--hot,with accent; charming pesonality. Marry.

J.D. said...

Everyone who would dump Jamie is an ageist.

There, I said it.

Jason Adams said...

What sort of a fanatic are you, Glenn, saying you don't like a picture of your crush? I would never say that about Jake. I defended the price of Persia hair for Christ's sake! You're a fraud!!! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Do Daniel Craig

Marry Liev Schieber

Dump Jaime Bell