Monday, December 29, 2008

I Can Spot A Shirtless Thomas Kretschmann...


... from a thousand yards every time!

Did I call it, or did I call it? Way back in September when the trailer for Valkyrie appeared, I scanned that thing over and what to my wandering lustful eyes did appear but the quick image of a large fellow swimming in a swastika-emblazoned swimming pool in the middle of a long shot, and I kept the cards close in case I turned out to be foolish and overly hopeful but I should've remembered my keen eyes treating me right back during that "Charlize removes her sunglasses in the trailer for Hancock" debacle and known I was ideed correct to be calling it as my beloved Thomas Kretschmann in the Swastika'd pool and sure enough, there he was, in his swimming-betrunked glory. Swoon. And I say that swoon in earnest - I literally made a little gasping sound when TK got up out of the water. Yes, I am that person.

In related news, the movie was okay. Put somebody else into Tom Cruise's role and it might've even been very good. It's hard to root for someone whose face makes your stomach turn every time it appears. Alas.


Unknown said...

That's right: Cruise shouldn't be given roles like that. He should go and play himself some more Vanilla skies and Mission Impossibles. Who the f*** got the idea to put him into the movie of this rank?

Lou Styers said...

Sure! This part was a change for Tom Cruise. I believe Cruise understood the essence of the character. I enjoyed this movie because I had read the novel in High School. Cruise was very good in his portrayal of Claus Von Stauffenberg. The directing, the cinematography, costumes, set and locations brought the Novel to life for me. Extremely interesting! I would view this movie again! What surprised me was that Claus Von Stauffenberg was 6'3" and Tom Cruise is 5'7". It didn't take anything away from this great movie. I wonder if there might have been an actor available who more closely resembled Claus Von Stauffenberg.