Thursday, December 11, 2008

I Am Link

---Harry Warden Had An Axe - How'd I never notice how close the killer's name in My Bloody Valentine was to Lizzy Borden before? Huh. Anyway, BD has the first image I've seen of the killer in that movie's remake, and yup, that costume still spooks. It's a terrific look for a maniac. Very chic.

--- Do you feel my heart beating? - A Blog Next Door posted the video of Chenoweth singing The Bangles' song "Eternal Flame" from last week's episode of Pushing Daisies, and it's never not a good time to watch that delightfulness.

--- Speaking of Bryan Fuller goodness, has word on some future casting (some awesome casting) for NBC's Heroes, the show which Mr. Fuller has already moved along to in the sad wake of Daisies non-continuation (that's the heart-friendlier way for me to say the other C word), as well as the first on-the-record comments on where he sees Heroes going from Bryan himself. And it all sounds sane and reasonable and right, which is exactly what one would expect.

--- That's A Lot Of Ass - I don't believe that I've really expressed much with regards to how very much I'm looking forward to David Goyer's The Unborn these days (beyond being rightfully creeped by that old man with the lopsided head image), but I am. The trailer's really grown on me, as has everything I've heard Goyer say regarding his intentions. Anyway, STYD has the international poster for the film, and it's basically nothing more than a large image of the film's female star Odette Yustman's ass. Sell it!

--- Christian Bale Should Have On-Screen Sex With Sam Worthington - That has nothing to do with anything beyond my fevered imagination, but io9 runs through the trailer for Terminator Salvation that I posted on yesterday and highlights some visuals worth highlighting.


mac20 said...

Check this out for more Eternal Flames from Kristin.

Jwise said...

I thought I was the only one oddly excited for "the Unborn"

thankfully i'm in good company

JA said...

mac20 - LOVE!

Jwise - Gary Oldman's involvement is heartening too, no?