Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Vote, By Bai Ling


"If there is something you have to do, then you must do,
do it from your heart, what ever it will be,
just so you know its going to be right, just follow,
follow your instinct, follow nature's light,
follow your believe, and follow your blindness
of the fever that is burning your skin and drive you insane,
because what ever you do whom ever you vote
it will be all correct, because you are not going to be wrong.

You have to be free, you have the right,
you have the light, and you know its your right
and light and power and joy to do to vote
to enjoy your choice of the touch of the magic right now,
do it, just do! You can make a difference
by follow your heart, but do it with your own conscience,
by step ahead to take your power in your hand
and to be part of the magic......

If I were your president I will be gladly let you guide me,
guide me to your, to your light to your power
and to your magic......

And this is what you should do right now,
don't think but just do with a smile like a bright star reflects
in your beautiful eyes......

Yes baby if this is something you must do........
don't hesitate, I am with you.......

Take your step right now......"
(via her blog)

Bai Ling 2016, y'all. For real.

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