Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Nero Fiddles...


... with my heart! That'd be Eric Bana as the villain (?) Nero rocking some sort of a sultry Romulan evening gown in the Star Trek trailer, now online.

To be honest the trailer really didn't do much for me when I saw it big-screen-style this past weekend, but then I've never been much of a Trekkie (much to the boyfriend's chagrin, at least with respect to the original series). It's a great cast here, but it all seems a little... loud? Shiny? I dunno, we'll see. Meanwhile I sound like an old man.

does a thorough run-through of the trailer if it's your bag though.


ShoNuff Lives said...

ok, i get the issue with the trailer...the damn movie looks too expensive...the whole allure of star trek was that it was lo-fi trying to cover up the fact that it had no really good effects

Anonymous said...

Thank you for that link. I just got my Trek nerd on.