Friday, November 21, 2008

The Moment I Fell For... Timothy Olyphant


As long as Olyphant is on the mind and happy thoughts are needed, looking at these pics will always do the trick... I have loved Olyphant ever since his role seen here as Todd Gaines - I even remember his character's name without looking it up! - in the brilliant Go and yes, it probably was this superficial bit of loosely fitting sweat-pants and shirtlessness that won me over. But even besides that gratuitous pleasure, it's a wonderful performance. Funny and scary and sexy all at once. You understand why Katie Holmes is one minute making out with him on the stairs and the next finding him wholly contemptible. Aww Katie. It pains me when I remember how much I liked her back in the day.


Joe Reid said...


Unknown said...

I love him!!!

John said...

I loved him in Broken Hearts Club, and he was on an episode of Sex and The City. I've only seen a little bit of Deadwood but S1 is on my Netflix account. He's really cute.

Ryan said...

luv him

lots of fun in SCREAM 2

zooplah said...

Oh, yes. He's never been as hot as was in Go.