Thursday, November 06, 2008

The Moment I Fell For... Chris Evans


Try as I might to convince myself otherwise - that perhaps it was when he pretended to cram a banana up his arse in Not Another Teen Movie, or with his admittedly winning portrayal of angst-less superpower-embracing Johnny Storm (the only winning thing about Fantastic Four) - no, it was this series of photographs that made me fall for Chris Evans. And I thought I could narrow it down to just one picture for a second but... no. No way in Hell could I choose.

I've since thought Chris was very good in Danny Boyle's Sunshine, so I won't state here that he can't act and that I only love him because of how tremendous my physical attraction for him is (And it is. Tremendous.)... but it was born of lust, and the lust remains... overpowers...

Now if he'd just give us some more to work with out here! You're not getting any younger, Chris. Sell the beefcake. Live the beefcake. Love the beefcake. The beefcake is good. It is holy.

ETA I can't believe I left this picture out. This one too!


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John said...

I can't understand why he's not a bigger movie star. I guess looking like that makes people not taking him seriously. I just love that chest but he's not too buff. Just right