Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Back From Almost Death Maybe Kinda Sorta

Urgh it's gotten hard to keep up with the teetering-on- the-brink news of maybe-extinction then notsomuch but perhaps with regards to Pushing Daisies.

But this is possibly very good news... possibly? Sigh I've been beaten down so many times that I now have trouble being optimistic. But let's take it as good. Let's!

Via Save Daisies:

"Just got word from my source on PD and it’s some pretty good news:

“So, we got some news this AM. Keep in mind, this could very well change. At any moment. But as of now, we are ‘going down for the season’. Which means that they are planning on starting us back in May for Season 3.

If you can, please let the fans know that they SHOULDN’T stop sending things to ABC. The more that people speak out, the better the chances of us returning. If it gets too quiet, they will pull the plug b/f we get a chance to start season 3. ABC is listening to everyone. And EVERYONE knows of your site.”

What that means is that Season 2 will only be 13 episodes. When Pushing Daisies ends production on the 13th episode of the season 2, they will be done until May, when they will start production on Season 3. While this is great news, we still need to help save Pushing Daisies, and let ABC know, now more than ever, that we can’t live without this show!"

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Anonymous said...

I love this show, missed the season premiere, and have spent the last few weeks searching for it. (Preempted tonight by the Country Music Awards?!) Hey ABC, how can it find an audience if you never put it on the air?