Monday, November 24, 2008

And The Award For...

... "JA is already sick of hearing people talk about this movie being so wonderful and genius and amazing and life-alteringly DNA-embeddingly awesome even before it's been released on more than 32 (!) screens" goes to:

I really don't want to rage out on this movie because I didn't by any means hate it, but having to listen to people (like a certain co-worker of mine who is currently totally enamored with it and won't shut up about it today... hence this post) go on and on about it being the bee's knees for the next couple of months... this shit is gonna wear on my nerves for real, I can tell already.

I love Danny Boyle I do, and I don't wanna be one of those people who comes off "I loved him before when he was making genre movies and y'all were turds then, nyah this new happy-shit is bunk!" but Slumdog is from my perspective really only mediocre and the praise heaped at him right now should've been heaped onto his last stab at a kids-in-dangerous-situtations family movie, Millions, which was way better and more consistent.

Slumdog has its moments, but overall... notsomuch. Ranking Boyle efforts, I think I'd even place the also-sloppy Sunshine over this one.

There is one thing I will forever be thankful to Slumdog for though (and I've been meaning to post this but keep forgetting): I saw Frances McDormand at the theater! She walked by when I was waiting in line! Joel Coen was right there beside her! And the crazy thing is this happened a week and a half ago whilst I was right smack dab in the middle of my Fargo binge. Somehow I refrained from screaming "Oh hun ya got Arby's on me!" Monumental effort, that took.


Anonymous said...

I heard that a couple of people don't see the genius in the film and people are going apeshit over it.

People are basically bashing people for having a negative reaction to "Slumdog".

I hate that title. I haven't seen the movie yet, but you have to respect people's differing opinions about this movie.

Anonymous said...

People love movies about ethnicities triumphing.

John said...

I've been hearing the critics rave about it and that it will be nominated for a Best Picture Oscar. But I also thought that Unforgiven, and Fargo were so overated, actually I hated Unforgiven. It is an odd name for a movie

Anonymous said...

There is allot of amazing stuff in this movie but most of it is in the first half. The second half does not have the genuine feel and the casting was much weaker. If he was going for a feel good thing he didn't deliver.