Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thursday's Ways Not To Die


Hopefully one day via these posts I'll be able to document all the ridiculous deaths in the Nightmare series, especially into these later sequels, because there are some doozies. I've always had a special place in my heart for this here demise of Sheila Kopecky because... well I have no idea really.

Could it be that poor Sheila is most definitely the answer to the question of what would've been born if Lisa Turtle had finally fallen under the seductive charms of Samuel "Screech" Powers?

She's Femme-Urkel, for sure.

Or it might be that the actress playing Femme-Urkel is named Toy Newkirk. Toy! Newkirk! Toy Newkirk! I have to get a new fish for the fishbowl right away to be immediately dubbed Toy Newkirk.

Or it might just be that after ghost-writing "Learning With Freddy Is Fun!!!" on her test, making blood drip out of her fountain pen, and then having a giant robot arm (!) come out of her desk to try and pull her through, Freddy then deflates her body like a balloon animal with his sexy kisses. That might be it.

What I find especially noticeable here is how BORING Femme-Urkel's real-world death is in comparison to her in-dream death though. Whatever happened to people's sleeping bodies flying around and being thrashed open by mysterious knife wounds? All Femme-Urkel gets in the real world is a surprisingly bosomy asthma attack. In fact, all of the real-world-counterpart deaths in The Dream Master are bloodless and sorta lackluster, which misses half the fun of a Freddy movie - on-lookers watching someone in their midst inexplicably bleeding out! It's fun, I tells ya! A real hoot.

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Anonymous said...

Hey you - did you see this post of 100 horror movie posters! neat neat neat

Rocky Carmine said...

So happy to see this here, even if it is a year after you posted!

Have to say, Sheila's death is my absolute favorite dream death in any of the Nightmares.