Thursday, October 16, 2008

Thursday's Ways Not To Die


Editor's Note: I was having some trouble with this DVD skipping, hence the slightly erratic nature of these screen-grabs; there are a lot of in-between moments missing - fingers squirming across the floor like worms! - that would piece together the logic of this scene a little more coherently than above, but I couldn't get the damned DVD to stay still to grab them. I think most of the money-shots are here though - Jon Stewart's alien-goo-regurgitation and that oozing-eyeball (it's sort of reminiscent of The Stuff, ain't it?)... not to mention Josh Hartnett all wet and assuming the position... s'all good.

Anyway, with the election season at full-tilt-boogie these days I've been watching a lot of The Daily Show, and sometimes mid-joke I'll just remember this scene and oh how I do chuckle. Mr. Serious-Pants with his big-boy opinions - I know you better! I think there are probably some Republican-minded individuals who have some of these shots as their screen-savers actually.
(suggested by Joe)

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Joe Reid said...

Love. One of my all-time favorite screen deaths in a truly fun and underrated movie. (The plot hinges of freaky closed-up alien nostrils!) And I think Josh Hartnett has never been hotter than when he's yanking that make-shift machete off of that paper cutter. Thank you for taking the suggestion.

scroggins said...

Am I off the mark when I read slight resentment towards Jon Stewart in your post? "Big-boy opinions?" I know you're kidding, but I still detect buried resentment.

Jason Adams said...

No no no, kidding, just kidding. I love Jon Stewart. All in good jest.